Progress update

Things have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, mainly due to the fact that Ben has been studying for exams. However, the Easter holidays are almost upon us and there are plans for getting loads more filming done over the next few weeks. Keep checking back to see how things are progressing.

Last week, Ben also had the chance to speak to Norman Lamb, former former Minister of State for Care and Support. He praised the work Ben has been doing to raise awareness of mental health and is quoted as saying:

"I'm really impressed by Ben's campaigning on mental health. He has brilliantly led by example. Openness about mental ill health is incredibly important if we are to combat stigma. He is a star!"

Norman was a champion for mental health in the coalition government, campaigning to have mental health treated with the same priority as physical health. This is a great endorsement and it's fantastic to get some encouragement from someone who has played such a pivotal role in making mental health issues more widely understood.

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