Meeting Deborah (and puppet Deborah!)

Today we recorded an interview with Deborah Chapman who runs the "How it Felt" enterprise project which uses puppets as a means of providing a voice for people who have difficulties with discussing their mental health problems. Deborah organises different workshops and presentations to introduce the use of puppets and film making to help people to open up about their difficulties.

It was always one of the aims of this film to meet with other people who have used their own experiences to offer help and support to others so it was great to hear how Deborah has managed to set up this organisation and how she is able to pass on business advice as well as helping people to deal with mental and emotional health issues.

The interview would not have been complete without the chance to meet puppet Deborah and it's fascinating that such a simple technique can be so powerful in helping people to discuss their problems and seek support.

For more information on "How It Felt", visit:

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