Friends' perspective

As well as doing some more filming in St Andrews today, we also spent some time in Broughty Ferry with Sam and Duncan, two of Ben's friends from school. It was interesting to hear their views on Ben's situation and how it affected the relationships they had with him.

From a practical point of view, today was a little bit frustrating. The intention had been to have the three of them at the beach in Broughty Ferry sitting on a large rock just in front of the castle. This would have looked great on screen and seemed like a good environment for them to chat. However, when we arrived at the beach, we discovered that the tide was in much further than expected and the rock was partially submerged in the sea.

So, plan B it was - filming at a small pavilion at the other end of the beach. The bare brick walls don't make for the most appealing of backdrops but it sheltered us from the strong wind and created quite an good setting for the frank and insightful conversation between the friends.

Fortunately, the football match which was going on close by had stopped by the time we started filming. The footballers were quite loud and a few beeps would have been necessary if we'd picked up what they were shouting...

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